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Details Supply-Chain-Management-on-Demand-Strategies-and-Technologies-Applications

Supply Chain Management on Demand With contributions by numerous experts

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Details Evolving-Fuzzy-Systems-Methodologies-Advanced-Concepts-and-Applications-Studies-in-Fuzziness-and-Soft-Computing-Band-266

In today's real-world applications, there is an increasing demand of integrating new information and knowledge on-demand into model building processes to account for changing system dynamics, new operating conditions, varying human behaviors or ...

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Details From-Landscape-Research-to-Landscape-Planning-Aspects-of-Integration-Education-and-Application-Wageningen-UR-Frontis-Series-Band-12

This book provides guidelines for those pursuing landscape projects based on integrative concepts - interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity - whether they are members of an integrative research team or individuals working on a problem that demands ...

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Details Journal-of-Green-Engineering-Special-Issue-Cognitive-Radio-and-the-Application-to-Green-Communications-Technical-Economic-and-Regulatory-Viewpoints

Journal of Green Engineering- Special Issue Demand for wireless data exchange is perpetually increasing, leading to pressure on deployed wireless capacity. As systems enhance their spectral efficiency to attempt to address this, evermore complex ...

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Details Design-Framework-and-Methodology-for-Synthesis-of-Networks-On-Chip-Synthesis-of-Networks-On-Chip-on-FPGA-Platforms-and-3D-Integrated-Chips

Design Framework and Methodology for Synthesis of Networks-On-Chip With the increasing demands of today and tomorrow's applications, chips become communication dominated. Traditional bus-based architectures are struggling because they cannot scale to ...

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Details Workshop-on-Learning-Technology-for-Education-in-Cloud-LTEC12-Advances-in-Intelligent-Systems-and-Computing-Band-173

Learning Technology for Education in Cloud investigates how cloud computing can be used to design applications to support real time on demand learning using technologies. The workshop proceedings provide opportunities for delegates to discuss the ...

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Details Fracture-Mechanics-and-Statistical-Mechanics-of-Reinforced-Elastomeric-Blends-Lecture-Notes-in-Applied-and-Computational-Mechanics-Band-70

Elastomers are found in many applications ranging from technology to daily life applications for example in tires, drive systems, sealings and print rollers. Dynamical operation conditions put extremely high demands on the performance and stability of ...

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Details VCSELs-for-Cesium-Based-Miniaturized-Atomic-Clocks

Frequency standards or clocks provide time references for a wide range of applications such as synchronization of communication networks, remote sensing and global positioning. Over the last couple of decades, demands on the data rates of many ...

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Details From-Resource-Reservation-to-Extensible-IP-Signaling

In recent years, the tremendous growth of the Internet and the increasing demand of user applications have resulted in a number of architectural changes to the Internet infrastructure. By its original, the Internet based on the packet-switched ...

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Details Getting-Started-with-Cloud-Computing-A-Lita-Guide

Getting Started with Cloud Computing Cloud computing can save your library time and money by enabling convenient, on-demand network access to resources like servers and applications. This book helps you: select data access and file sharing services ...

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Details Mimoto-MMRAD-CIV-92X-X-Line-Khler-aus-Aluminium-leistungsstark-fr-Civic

A high-performance Civic demands a cooling system that can keep up on the street and the track. For applications requiring the most efficient heat exchanger, the Mishimoto X-Line Honda Civic Performance aluminium Radiator provides three cooling rows ...